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SOUND, WRITTEN AND VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS These are the main themes recurring throughout the collections on display at the Museo dei Mezzi di Comunicazione del Comune di Arezzo. Housed within the town-hall, the museum of communications covers a floor-space of about 500 square meters, including an auditorium with a capacity to seat 100 visitors. The exhibition takes the visitor on a journey through the history of objects and devices which have become part of our everyday lives: COMPUTERS, MOBILE PHONES, TELEPHONES, RADIO, CINEMA, CAMERAS... are just examples of the wide array of exhibits you will be able to see, touch and have fun with in the “Experience Room”! The exhibition is the perfect place for a fun and inspiring day out for school groups of all ages. This unique, one of a kind museum stands out for the variety of its collections and the detail that has gone in putting them together.


The idea to create a museum dealing with the history of communications took shape some 20 years ago, when the Comune di Arezzo, together with the Museum of History and Science in Florence (today Museo Galileo) put on an exhibition dedicated to vintage radios called “Il Mondo in Casa - i primi 40 anni di storia della radio” which sparked great interest across Italy. The exhibition was made possible through the invaluable support of Mr. Fausto Casi, who made his vast collections available to the exhibition. Today, the collections have grown in size to include about 1000 exhibits providing a fascinating insight into the history of communications. Particular care was devoted to the educational side of the museum, the highlight being the installation of tables providing visitors with an interesting hands-on experience. In addition to that, in the adjoining 100-capacity auditorium, visitors have the opportunity to watch a HOLOGRAPHIC, 3D movie about Galileo Galilei and his scientific discoveries filmed with a unique (in Italy) state-of-the-art “immersion” technology. Other historical and scientific movies on DVD are available on request.

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