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The Torre di Marciano is a multi-functional cultural centre located in the heart of the Val di Chiana. Lovingly restored, the tower has retained much of its medieval character affording visitors the opportunity to steep themselves in the history oozing from unique, dramatic spaces such as the commanding “Leonardo da Vinci” room, the “Giorgio Vasari”, “Cosimo de’ Medici” and “Vittorio Fossombroni” rooms as well as the panoramic walkway and the terrace overlooking the Valdichiana which, from its 40-meter perch, provides far reaching views over the valley below and lake Trasimeno. The tower also houses a permanent exhibition telling the story of the “Battle of Marciano” (2 August 1554), best known as the subject of a huge wall-sized fresco by Arezzo-bon artist Giorgio Vasari in the Hall of the Five Hundred in the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. Today, the Torre di Marciano also serves as a location for conferences, ceremonies, workshops and events.


Located on the border between the provinces of Arezzo and Siena, Marciano della Chiana is nestled amid gentle hills overlooking the vast plains lying between Lucignano, Monte San Savino, Foiano della Chiana and Cortona. Fiercely contested between Florence and Siena since the early 13th century in view of its strategic position, on 2 august 1554 the town’s territory was the scene of the historic “Battle of Scannagallo”, also known as the “Battle of Marciano, which was to decisively alter the fate of Tuscany enabling the Medici to extend their rule over the entire region.

Besides a detailed scale-model of the battle, exhibits on display in the tower also include period costumes and armours enabling visitors to gain a unique insight into the history of the battle. The castle has fully retained its medieval layout: now partially incorporated into later adjoining houses, its wall perimeter still encloses the oldest part of the town which is accessed through the “Torre dell’Orologio” (clock tower) gate.

Within its walls, in the tiny old town stand the Rocca with its commanding tower as well as the church of SS. Andrea and Stefano (16th century) with its beautiful bell tower. Unlike castles built in the neighbouring villages, which primarily served a residential purpose, the Castello di Marciano mainly had a military-defensive function.

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