Monte San Savino

Museo Del Cassero at Monte San Savino

Monte San Savino


The museum is housed within the old Ajalta fortress, a 14th century building later renovated by architect Bartolo di Bartolo when the town came under Sienese rule.

The imposing fortress originally towered over the town with its massive central keep and its four jutting watchtowers – now invisible having been gradually incorporated into the adjoining buildings. Traces of the original battlements can still be seen on the façade (as seen from the Piazza), hidden between the windows and the roof. The typical sloped walls can still be seen in the interiors which, since their renovation in the 1970s, have been home to the municipal museum of traditional pottery housing collections of ceramic artefacts, mainly manufactured and collected locally. A room in the museum houses a collection of works of sacred art (14th – 18th century), including a superb Madonna with Child by Orazio Porta.

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