Undertaken, for the most part, under the patronage of the Lorraine family, the massive land reclamation projects carried out in the valley throughout the 18th and 19th century, marked the start of the practical implementation of scientific knowledge in the Valdichiana. Monumental reclamation endeavours made it eventually possible to reclaim the valley floor and shape the Valdichiana landscape into what we can still see to this very day. Under the Lorraine rule, the valley soon became home to a number of large grand-ducal farmhouses, the so-called “leopoldine”, and quickly saw the spread of silkworm breeding as well as the introduction of specialised crops such as beet and tobacco and cereal crops bounded by maple-tree trained vines, all of which should be regarded as part of a broader, long-term landscape enhancement initiative. These efforts were only made possible with the aid of newly developed measuring and calculation tools resulting from the scientific and technological progress seen in that time. The end of these massive land reclamation projects coincided with the birth of telecommunications which over the decades played a key role in making information, images, stories and scientific knowledge from this territory available to future generations.

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